For Rent

In Disney’s Hollywood Studios you can circle Echo Lake. With the lake at your back you face Peevy’s Polar Pipeline. This little snack stand is a great place to cool off on a blistering summer day. The name Peevy might catch the attention of a true Disney trivia fan. The Disney action adventure film The Rocketeer was set in Hollywood during the 1930s. Peevy was an eccentric inventor, fix-it, tinkerer who helped figure out how the rocket jet pack was supposed to work.

After you grab some frozen concoction at Peevy’s to cool you down keep looking at the building. You will see a doorway emblazoned with the logo for the Holly-Vermont Reality company. Walt and Roy opened the very first Disney Studio in the second floor of their building. Glance up to the second floor and you can clearly see the “For Rent” sign in the second story window.

This detail in the Studios, which is so easily missed, is a powerful reminder of where it all began for the Disney Brothers as they began to change entertainment history and the culture around them.