It Is Just A Gate

In Disney’s Animal Kingdom there are many wonderful discoveries to be made. Yet one of them becomes important in Key to the Kingdom.
It is a gate. Located near Expedition Everest this gate moves Grayson Hawkes another step closer to solving the mystery he is chasing.

The question is asked, “are the things in the book real?” The answer is, “yes…for the most part.”

In this case the mysterious gate that is found can be seen in these photos. Now you can tell from the first that it is not easy to find. With any good clue there is always some searching. This is what you see and might easily miss. However, if you take the time ultimately you will end up standing on the brink of the place where Grayson Hawkes knew “there was no going back.” The second photo is a powerful reminder that that this clue is just a gate…but what is behind the gate is an adventure waiting to unfold.