Sometimes it is easy to forget that back in 1955 Disneyland was one of the biggest gambles in the history of American business. Now all of these years later, with Disney theme parks all over the world, we can look back and conclude that the risk paid off.

Did the risk pay off because Walt was a genius, lucky, favored, or blessed? Those things may have been factors but they were not the reason. The reason the risk paid off is because Walt would not quit. The success and opening of Disneyland is the result of sheer determination and persistence in the face of obstacles, overwhelming circumstances, and opposition.

One of the most notable Disney songs in many ways is a theme song for the company, When You Wish Upon A Star…the song reminds us to dream and never stop wishing. Now that is a great place to start but the life of Walt Disney is a powerful reminder that if you are going to make your dreams come true it is going to take work, hard work and the will to stick with it…even when others will tell you to quit.

Roy E. Disney once said in an interview, “If Walt had one great gift, it was that he kept his head down and kept on trying. Over the years he was told his ideas were impractical, impossible, and would never work…they told him, “Walt you will lose your shirt on Snow White or Walt give up this crazy obsession with a theme park. Walt knew his naysayers were wrong and he knew his ideas were goo. Walt proved that the only way to get things done is by sticking to your ideas and beliefs.”

Walt was a farm boy with a modest talent for drawing cartoons that created a Magic Kingdom. But because he was willing to dream big, work through those dreams, keep those he believed in, and then plow ahead and make them happen…the world was impacted forever.

Walt Disney was tenacious, he refused to fail, he refused to quit. And those that knew him realized that when things looked darkest and went horribly wrong…he would work through it and it made him stronger.

Sometimes the world we find ourselves in is pretty good at beating us up. Life is tough, it can get very confusing, and more than a little bit overwhelming. In a culture that wants, desires, and sometimes demands instant results and instant reward many have lost the art of “sticking with it.” I have a gnawing feeling that many people (and you may be one of them) might be just a moment, a heartbeat, a clock tick, or one more day away from success. In a world where people quit and give up let me encourage you to stick with it…don’t quit…work hard (no matter what others may say) and the end result may just be an impact that can change the world.

I believe that each and every one of us are born with a mission, a purpose, and a destiny. Some will live it others will not. The difference is because some don’t want to do the work and will simply quit. You really do make a difference! You really make the world a better place! And you can make an impact!

Keep trying, don’t quit…stick with it!

Wish upon a star…and then roll up your sleeves and work it!