In the developmental days of Disneyland the Disney studios was a busy place.

Working on film, television, and theme parks meant there was never a dull moment in the world of Disney.

Artist and Imagineer Marc Davis was hard at work on an audio-animatronic figure for the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction in development for Disneyland.

One of the figures that Davis really liked was the pirate auctioneer figure that is an iconic figure in the attraction. It was lifelike in its appearance and movements. One day Walt came by to visit and check up on how the work was coming along for the attraction. Walt did his usual inspection, he lingered over certain pieces in process, he spoke with the craftsmen busy doing their work, and then eventually spent some time looking over the auctioneer.

Marc Davis said to him, “It’s really kind of a waste. All that work and complicated engineering, and people will go by so fast, they won’t even notice.”

Walt got a quizzical look on his face and then cocked his head and replied, “Oh, no Marc.” Walt said in his fatherly tone. “It’s not a waste. People will visit this attraction again and again. Each time they will see things they’ve never noticed before.”

Walt understood the value of what had been created.

He not only appreciated and applauded the craftsmanship…he believed people would as well.

Walt realized that even the smallest of details will get noticed and they really do matter.

In a fast paced culture of short cuts, fast food, instant results, and a low tolerance for having patience we are prone to forget the importance of details.

Yet in the details of life, some of the most important moments occur. It is always tough when time is so precious but each of us should strive to pay attention to the things we do and take the time to do things well. Quality does matter and the way we do things will determine whether or not they are remembered or become something quickly forgotten.

One becomes a memory and one doesn’t matter.

Make sure that we do the things that make memories.

As we do we will be making the world a better place for others and for ourselves.