The name Robert Stevenson is a name known to those who know the world of Walt Disney.

Stevenson was one of the best known directors ever to work on the Disney Studios lot.
He shares some insight into the man Walt Disney that gives us a glimpse of who Walt really was.

Stevenson during an encounter with Walt had mentioned to him that he was taking his 14 year old son to Europe. He informed Walt that he realized his son had never been on a train and as a part of the trip he was going to take his son on the Santa Fe Super Chief. It was going to be a trip where he gave his son the memory of the trip and his very first train ride. Knowing that Walt was a huge fan of trains he thought this might make a connection that would be interesting to the film-maker.

Walt was busy, his mind was preoccupied with other things and as Stevenson remembered telling Walt about the trip the response was less than enthusiastic from Mr. Disney. In Stevenson’s words, “And Walt just grunted…”

Later when it came time for Stevenson and his son to take the trip, they boarded the train and took their seats.

About that time the conductor came to them and told then they would need to move.

The reason?

It had been arranged for them to ride upfront in the actual locomotive….

Although he had never said a word, he had never mentioned it again, and as far as Stevenson knew the conversation was long forgotten…but Walt Disney didn’t forget, he had been preoccupied but was paying attention, and without fanfare or asking for thanks…help Stevenson create a memory his son would never forget, it created a memory Robert
Stevenson would never forget.


Walt Disney had made arrangements for them to ride in the locomotive of the Santa Fe Super Chief.

Making memories is something that all of us have the power to do.

It is something we do whether we realize it or not.

The question is what kind of memory are you creating?


Walt knew the importance of creating them and he took the time and the extra effort to make them special.

Why don’t we learn that lesson and take a little extra time and figure out how we might create some memories for others?

They last a lifetime and the impact they have go far beyond our imagination!