This is the third installment in a series on The Saga Of The Wilderness Lodge

We previously discovered that when one chapter ends a new one begins…and there comes a time to turn the page.
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In the early articles in this series we met the main players in this amazing back story and history of the lodge created by the Disney Imagineers

We now rejoin the saga…

After his series of tragic events, we last found Colonel Moreland emerging from the frontier a wealthy man. Upon his return, he sent word to his daughter and Genevieve and Gustaf then joined Colonel Moreland in St. Louis to make a trip to Silver Creek Springs with plans to make it their new home.

They met and were off on the journey…they did indeed make it their home.

A Lodge Is Born Where The Water Shimmers

The next part of the story begins with shimmering water, no kidding. Silver Creek was named for mineral deposits coming from a natural hot spring that made the water shimmer. This portion of the story again comes from the newspaper created to unpack the legend. According to  the Silver Creek Star:

“Using the small fortune her father had raised from the fur trade, they brought out a crew of men from St. Louis and had a small lodge built near the fresh water spring. Jenny would remain in Silver Creek Springs for the remainder of  her life. She established a preservation area in her father’s honor, where others could enjoy the natural beauty of the wilderness. The Wilderness Lodge welcomed artists, scientists and nature lovers of all kinds over the years. As the number of visitors grew, the Lodge expanded to accommodate them. Eventually, they added rooms that grew around the spring, making it part of the Wilderness Lodge.”

So where there was once nothing beyond shimmering water and lodge has sprung up and the place was built. If you ever visited the Wilderness Lodge you are aware of many of the locations in and around the lodge. Some of those have fairly compelling background stories as well. For example…

If You Just Look Inspiration Is There For The Seeing

Artist Point Becomes Part Of The Wilderness Lodge

Standing on the high rocks above the valley that Colonel Ezekiel Moreland discovered, the young artist Gustaf unpacked his gear and set up his easel on a rocky outcropping that provided the best possible views of the surrounding area. Now this is where the story gets interesting. According to an article in the Silver Creek Star:

”No sooner had the brush touched the canvas than the ground began to tremble. The artist quickly grabbed his seat and managed to keep his easel from falling. After the tremors had subsided, he looked to the Colonel and Jenny and smiled  assuredly. ‘You see Colonel, I am something of a frontiersman myself.’ Only the Colonel knew what lay in store. 

The tremor was only a warning. The explosion of the geyser was sudden and swift. The sound of so much water being propelled to such a height was earth shattering. As expected—and unexpected, the easel, the artist and all his supplies tumbled over the ledge. Gustaf survived the fall, and despite its obvious dangers, the ledge became his favorite place from which to paint.

”The ledge soon became a favorite of other artists, as well, such men as Albert Bierstadt and Thomas Moran. who soon flocked to the area in search of the perfect landscape. Years later, when the Lodge was finished, a formal dining room was built on the exact location and was aptly named Artist Point.”

Artist Point became a location where guests could experience the grandeur of the vistas that inspired the painters whose work decorated the dining room. According to legend, Gustaf produced some of the most magnificent paintings of the West, inspiring the imagination of an  entire nation. Now you know where the name for Artist Point began and the background behind this amazing eating establishment.

Great Masterpieces Can Be Created In The Midst Of Great Risk

I like the story of how Artist Point came to be. The article in the Silver Creek Star is one that reminds me of something many people forget. The section of the story that tells of Gustaf getting knocked over the ledge and losing his supplies reminds me of many people I meet. Life gets sideways at times, the unexpected occurs, and often we lose the things we thought we needed. After being on the ledge or even hanging over the ledge we have choices that we have to make.

We can either decide that is too dangerous to stay that close and leave. Or we can be wiser and more cautious the next time and stand back up and start to paint.

I think some of the greatest discoveries, the greatest masterpieces, and the greatest creations emerge from the brink of adversity, harsh circumstances, tough situations, and to take the next step involves risk.
All of our lives have been made better by those who were not afraid to take risks. It doesn’t mean that it was always comfortable or pleasant…but because they were willing to do something and take the next step…our world becomes better.

Perhaps you have been playing it safe and it is time for you to do a little risk taking. The wisest risk takers are willing to be honest about themselves, what they face, and what they do…but once they decide to take another step forward…or get up and try again…or stare down the thing that scares them most…they become forever different…and they become an inspiration for others..

Believe it or not…your life can be a masterpiece that will inspire others….
But rarely does it become that without taking a risk…

How about you? Are you willing to be a masterpiece or are you content with just clinging to a piece of rock?