In the mystery thriller, The Key to the Kingdom…author Jeff Dixon takes you an an amzing journey through the life of Walt Disney and the worlds that he created. It is loaded with trivia and clues that many readers have embraced and decided to follow the clues themselves. What they are finding in the novel is best described  as “factual fiction.” The clues, noticing the details, and connecting them together with the characters in the story make it even more fun.

One of the pivotal clues in the Key to the Kingdom takes the readers in One Man’s Dream. This attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort, introduces guests to the life and history of the man himself, Walt Disney. In the novel, the characters discover that Walt’s desk, the one he used during the creation of Snow White sits there on display. The desk, what happens there…both then and now are all a part of solving the mystery.

Here in this post you see Walt sitting at the desk that is on display at One Man’s Dream.
You also see the desk as on display in the attraction. Look at the desk and the display closely…unlocking it is an important step in solving the mystery.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to do so you can pick up your copy of the story at the links mentioned on this website. Check it out and live the adventure for yourself.