How About A Little Disney Trivia ?
If you are ready here you go…

It’s About Time

1) Peter Pan lands on the minute hand of Big Ben in the classic cartoon. It is a memorable moment to be sure.
So here is the question…
What does the time which Big Ben is displaying get changed to when he lands ?

ANSWER: 8:15 p.m

2) Late, late, late…for a very important date…In Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit is late for a party. There is something wrong with the White Rabbit’s watch, what is wrong with it specifically?

ANSWER: It’s two days slow


3) What would I give to be part of their world…The potion that Ursala makes, which allows Ariel to become human in the Little Mermaid ultimately will quit working. The question isWhen does the potion stop working?

ANSWER: When the sun sets on the third day


 Now for the last question we go back in time…back into the life and history of Walt Disney
4) As a child, Walt’s family moved from the now legendary family farm in Marceline to Kansas City.
What was the address of the first home the Disney’s moved into when they arrived in Kansas City? (correct answer contains house number and street)

ANSWER: 2706 East Thirty-first Street
*This is sourced from Neal Gabler’s biography entitled Walt Disney” on page 19